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Shanghai Topfine Chemical Co., Ltd is an industrial and trade enterprise specializing in conductive coatings, adhesives, import and export raw material. Founded in August 2014, the company has a head office address in Shanghai Waigaoqiao free Trade Zone, and the adhesive production base is located in Xinfang Industrial Development Zone, Yangxiang Town, Yixing City.Pharmaceutical intermediate production base is located in Jingmen City, Hubei Province.

Our company is mainly engaged in SPRAYLAT brand conductive coatings under PPG, mainly used in electromagnetic interference (EMI), radio frequency (RFI) protection, high performance electrostatic discharge (ESD) and radar protection, in consumer electronics, aerospace, automotive industry, military, medical, base station room and other aspects.

And our company is the agent of COSCO KANSAI coating products, mainly used for silicone high-temperature paint, water-borne anticorrosive paint, fluorocarbon paint, tank antistatic paint, self-cleaning functional paint and other products, mainly used for Bridges, port machinery, dock, tank anticorrosion, high temperature resistance and other occasions.

Topfine chemical has a group of professional adhesive R&D engineers, to solve all kinds of difficult adhesive problems in the industry, Yixing city has our own production base.

At the same time, the company imports and exports a variety of high-sophisticated fine raw materials, resins, intermediates and other products, used in new materials, adhesives, medicine, pesticides and other industries.

Based in Shanghai and covering the whole country, the company has a group of passionate and professional sales team, which can provide customers with professional coating, adhesive, raw material supply and other services.

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