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Port maritime authorities to undertake sulfur cap campaign from 2018

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        The port-based maritime authorities that undertake regulatory checks on ships are to mount a "concentrated inspection campaign" from 2018 to ensure compliance with new sulfur limits in bunker fuel, the Danish Maritime Authority said in a statement on its website. 

        The move follows a Danish-Dutch initiative to ramp up monitoring of the regulations and will see the authorities, known collectively as Port State Control, take part across the globe. 

       "It is a strong signal," said Peter Krog-Meyer, an adviser to the Danish Maritime Authority. 

      "We have joined forces in our efforts to enhance the enforcement of the sulphur provisions across borders," he added. 

       A concentrated inspection campaign means that the 45 countries covered by the Port State Control bodies under the so-called Paris and Tokyo memorandum of understanding regimes, will carry out a thorough examination of a chosen area, such as sulfur, when their officials inspect foreign ships. 

      The efforts made should increase compliance with the regulations as well as raising awareness among ship crews of new sulfur cap regulations. 

The International Maritime Organization is to impose a global 0.5% sulfur cap on marine fuel from 2020. In emission control areas, currently enforced in North America and the North Sea and Baltic, a 0.1% sulfur cap is in place.
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