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Do not open the topic: 2015 Shandong to refine what go from here?

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Intro: since 2014, petrochemical industry faces unprecedented challenges, overcapacity problems, banks continued to tighten credit, especially recently with oil and refined oil prices continued downward, the domestic petrochemical enterprises is facing unprecedented challenges. Due to the restriction of crude oil quota, in recent years, Shandong has started to exercise the rate is not high, basically maintained at 30%-40%, and this situation may be difficult to change in the short term. How is this Council broken? How to fight in the future? For the Shandong refinery, the real test may have just begun.

Shandong province has Shengli oil field, and adjacent to Zhongyuan Oilfield, plus the natural advantages of the Gulf of Bohai, with the development of the petrochemical industry is unique conditions. Eighty or ninety years of last century, in Dongying, Binzhou, Zibo, Heze and other places have emerged a number of small oil refining enterprises, after decades of development and growth, and gradually become the local industrial pillar. According to statistics, by the end of 2014, Shandong Province total local petrochemical enterprises 49, a processing capacity of more than 11000 million tons, the average size of 2.3 million tons. Crude oil processing capacity and the main business income accounted for more than 70% of the local refinery, scale, efficiency ranks first in the country.

However, the development of the enterprise has always been accompanied by ups and downs, along the way in the policy driven by the hard way forward. In 2009 when the national introduction of policies to speed up the elimination of 1000000 tons / year and below the oil refining device, to prevent the name of asphalt, heavy oil processing and other small oil refining projects. The 2011 national requirements by 2013 2000000 tons / year following the elimination of atmospheric and vacuum unit. It is based on forced policy, smelting enterprises began to "crack hemp". The original inconspicuous place to the emergence of small refinery expansion, Beijing Bo, lihuayi and a number of big enterprises. But in production capacity ranked first in the country, about the pride of local fiscal more than, the refining enterprises also had to face the embarrassment of crude oil to be controlled by others.

It is understood that, due to the restriction of crude oil quota, Shandong refinery enterprise domestic crude oil resources plan only 1200000 tons / year, and no crude oil imports and use of qualifications. In recent years, although by and Sinopec, PetroChina, CNOOC Group cooperation and achieved some of the oil resources, but is also a drop in the bucket.

In addition to the supply of crude oil, the oil has always been accompanied by the upgrading of the pressure. According to the policy, the Shandong province since January 1, 2015, a comprehensive supply of four standard diesel, and plans to supply the country's total supply of five standard gasoline and diesel oil in January 1, 2018. Facing the urgent task of Shandong Province, smelting enterprises have increased investment in the implementation of the transformation, accelerate the upgrade of oil. In order to meet the requirements of product oil quality upgrading, it is necessary to carry out the hydrogenation of heavy oil, catalytic reforming, and also to the gasoline and diesel oil hydrogenation refining, virtually increased the burden on enterprises.

Under the pressure of the policy, a number of companies have or are accelerating adjustment, in order to reverse the unfavorable situation. According to treasure island, 2014 Jincheng Petrochemical on the part of the production equipment for technological transformation, three years ahead of the ability of five diesel oil producing countries, walking in the forefront of the industry. Lihuayi group in recent years also will continue to increase investment in technological reform, have implemented the catalytic gasoline selectivity and hydrogen desulfurization transformation, diesel hydrogenation refining modification and plans to put into operation in 2015, after the commissioning of the gasoline and diesel will advance to the five national standards. Not only is the gasoline and diesel hydrogenation unit have been launched, and the wax oil hydrogenation residue hydrogenation refining are submitted for approval. This year, Shenchi chemical will build 100 million tons of residue hydrotreating, the Jade Emperor Shengshi chemical will start to build 300 million tons of residue hydrotreating, Jingbo Petrochemical is expected to a new continuous reforming unit, Zhonghai asphalt 100 million tons of coking and 80 million tons and hydrogen device will also in May production.

But also there are companies did not participate in this round of the race, the main is no money to invest, capital chain tension has been unable to breathe some of the enterprise. Now many companies have no energy to take into account the problem of solving the problem, and now the problem is how to survive. For refining enterprises, the debt ratio of up to 80%-90% after the normal, but this year is clearly not the. Whether state-owned enterprises or local enterprises, and now the whole industry is in a state of loss, basically no money. The asset liability ratio is high, some enterprises rely on bank loans for long-term maneuvers, cash flow has a red light.

These years, Shandong Province Refining & Chemical Association and each enterprise to crude oil import qualified multi running, and formed a joint Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Shandong Province, want to gain the right to import crude oil by way of uniting, also established a joint venture refinery in Shandong Province Investment Co., Ltd., obtained through cooperation with PetroChina's oil import quota. December 12, 2014, the China Securities Regulatory Commission approved the Shanghai international energy trading center to carry out crude oil futures trading, which means that nearly 4 years of crude oil futures officially entered into the market before the countdown. Although Shandong to participate in the domestic crude oil futures trading is still unknown, but the industry is full of longing and expectation. In fact, they are most looking forward to the opening of the domestic crude oil futures market, but rather expect the gradual release of the right to import crude oil, hoping to get the opportunity to get crude oil.

Due to the difficulty of the oil source, the focus of the enterprise is more on the development of downstream products. Secondary processing, deep refining device and a large number of fine chemical plant took the baton of expansion, "oil" has become many refining enterprises strategic choice. Many enterprises to the development of the eyes locked in the oil end of the tail on the. For example, through the extension of Hengyuan petrochemical chemical industry chain, the formation of propylene

Enterprise's ability to resist market risk has been enhanced. With the multi development Hengyuan petrochemical lihuayi group is different, pay more attention to the integrated development of fine chemical. Fine refining and chemical integration in flexible and rational use of oil resources, improve return on investment, reduce operating costs, enhance core competitiveness etc. advantage obviously. The process is to the breadth and depth of development, integration degree is getting higher and higher. Last year, the company completed 120000 tons of bisphenol A, 60000 tons of polycarbonate, four tons of carbon 300000 comprehensive utilization of isomerization and other projects. At present, 2600000 tons / year of heavy oil hydrogenation and oil quality upgrade project is being strained.

Compared with the large enterprises, a small processing capacity of the enterprise is also trying to shift the chemical new materials and fine chemicals and other deep processing. It is understood that by 2020, the average size of the province's local petrochemical enterprises may will increase to 500 million tons, the province's local refining oil industry, a processing capacity at about 1 million tons, the processing volume reached 75 million tons, 40 million tons of gasoline and diesel production, ethylene and aromatics yield reached 100 million tons, the main business income of chemical products accounted for the ratio increased to more than 30%.

According to the Shandong provincial government planning, the local oil refining and chemical industry to according to support a group, the integration of a group, transformation group, out of a number of guidelines, active in the adjustment efforts, increase the energy-saving emission reduction and elimination of backward intensity, to further strengthen the criterion of environmental protection, energy consumption, safety, quality, and hard constraints, vigorously promote the transformation and upgrading of the refining industry. As China's energy revolution is being launched and deepened, including the energy companies, including enterprises will be involved in. In the face of the grim situation, a group of refining enterprises foresight, take the initiative to adjust, and this is bound to help enterprises to grasp the initiative in the battlefield of the future. In this field can be expected to continue for several years of protracted war, some people will win, it is inevitable that some people will fall, 2015 may become a turning point in the history of refining and development.

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