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Butanol and octanol market outlook for 2015

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N - butanol: more than the lower reaches of the stock, butanol plant to perform the work of the early orders delivery. Chinese New Year approaching, with the industry to leave the market to discuss the atmosphere or a sharp turn pale. At present domestic chemicals at a low level, long overbought will is strong, is expected to postganglionic n-butanol or difficult to quickly stepped back, when the market operating range for 6400-6500 yuan / ton (East China).

Octanol: recent octanol maintain tight supply situation, especially in the second half of the week last week, with the increase of the propylene bottomed and long hunters will, manufacturers offer a slight increase along with the market higher. After the holiday, is expected to be long or is pushing up the intention, otherwise Qilu maintenance of positive stimulus, when the market or slightly Chonggao, is expected to postganglionic and octanol market operating range for 7400-7500 yuan / ton (Shandong Province).

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